How to set the delayed sending of an email

Both in business and in personal correspondence from time to time there is a need to send an email later than the creation. The procedure for setting the delayed sending of letters is simple, but not all Internet mail services provide this capability. In particular, the popular mail service does not have the necessary functionality.

Delayed e-mail sending

Setting up a delayed e-mail sending in Yandex mail

Fill in all the fields of the form to create a letter in the Yandex mail service and attach the necessary files. The button for sending the message is placed under the link for attaching files, highlighted in yellow and divided into two unequal parts, "Send" and a timer sign. Click the timer icon, the contextual field "send today to ХХ: 00" will open. Select the checkmark in this field and set the desired date and time.

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The date can be changed by clicking on the word "today", a calendar will appear where you can select the month and day. By analogy, the field is also edited with time. The timer is designed for a time from 5:00 to 23:00 with intervals of one hour. The Yandex mail system provides its user with the opportunity to set the delayed sending of the message for 1 year from the date of its creation.
After setting the date and time, the "send" button will change according to the new settings. Click on it to save the message and the set time of sending in the Outbox folder. If desired, you can create a separate folder for pending messages.

Setting up a delayed email in Gmail
The Google mail system does not have a predefined function for deferred sending emails. To get this, download and install the Boomerang for Gmail plug-in. There are versions of the Boomerang for Gmail plug-in for Chrome and Firefox browsers. After installing this extension, a new link will appear in the window to create the message - "Send later." Click on it, the context menu will open, in which you can select a period - after 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, 2 days or 4 days, a week or two, and also in a month, - or set the exact date and time of sending an email using a timer that is placed below the list of periods. Click the "Confirm" button and save the message with the settings.

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